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Freelance writer, copywriter, and content/social strategist. Writes about writing (#meta), culture, travel, social media, and technology.

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The Active Times

The 14 Hardest Climbs in America

A tour (with videos) of the toughest crags in the country.

770643 how to prep for your first adventure race article
The Active Times

How To Prep for Your First Adventure Race

Adventure racing may be the ultimate outdoor test.

Joggobot article
The Active Times

Need a Running Partner? How ‘Bout a Robot

Step aside, Optimus Prime. Take a seat, WALL-E. There’s a new member of the robot family in town, and its name is Joggobot.

Grandcanyon 650x430 article
The Active Times

Stopping Stupid Behavior in National Parks

Dehydration. Drowning. Near-fatal falls.

Strava 150 article
The Active Times

Strava Sues Over Cycling Death

On June 19, 2010, William “Kim” Flint struck a car and was killed while cycling more than 40 mph down a hill in Berkeley, CA. Flint had been going for a fastest-time title on popular cycling website Strava—which allows you to “track all your runs and rides, set personal records and beat your friends’ times,” according to the company’s website—when he died.

Denali 650x520 article
The Active Times

Four Killed in Avalanche on Denali

Four Japanese climbers are presumed dead after an avalanche tore down the West Buttress of Denali, North America’s highest peak.

Bikechain 650x430 article
The Active Times

Flat Tire or Busted Chain? Call AAA

The AAA, long known for offering emergency roadside car assistance, has offered bike service to members in Oregon and southern Idaho more. But Washington was ignored, leaving stricken cyclists in the Evergreen State to hitchhike to repair shops while their Pacific Northwest neighbors got timely rides.

The Active Times

Hard Exercise Keeps Arteries Soft and Healthy

The stiffening of arteries, which circulate oxygen-rich blood around the body, is an inevitable byproduct of aging—one that has been linked to heart attacks and strokes, even death.

Castlerock 650x430 article
The Active Times

Last-Chance State Park Fun

Due to $22 million in budget cuts, California recently announced it would close 70 of its 279 state parks at the end of June.

Spencerwest article
The Active Times

Double Amputee Scales Kilimanjaro... on His Hands

That 31-year-old Spencer West summited Mount Kilimanjaro in seven days is great, but not all that extraordinary. That is, until you learn that West has no legs.