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Freelance writer, copywriter, copy editor, and growth strategist. Formerly of Contently and Thrive Global.

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Hard news facebook article
The Content Strategist

Why Hard News Is Thriving on Facebook

BuzzFeed and HuffPo still rule Facebook, but the biggest names in journalism are gaining ground fast.

Tinder swipe article

13 Things That Guys Automatically Left-Swipe on Tinder

Don't put these things in your profile. Really.

Bbf article
The Freelancer

What the Brooklyn Book Festival Taught Me

I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival to buy books, as one does. I didn’t buy any books.

Balloon lol article

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Whiskey Dick

The problem with whiskey dick is how it's perceived: as something to which blame can be assigned.

State social media publishing article
The Content Strategist

The State of Social Media Content, in 12 Charts

Sometimes it seems like social media is only good for brand blunders.

Finally thumbs down things you dislike facebook.1280x600 article
The Content Strategist

Why Is Facebook Engagement Suddenly Dropping?

Publishers big and small are finding that outside Facebook’s walled garden, the social landscape has become increasingly barren.

Screen shot 2014 10 20 at 11.13.41 am article
The Content Strategist

Making Content Fashionable

Many guys, myself included, hate shopping for clothes. Malls are too... everything: too many brands, too many stores, too many moments spent wishing for the sweet release of a gooey Mrs. Fields cookie.

Ok trends love data article
The Content Strategist

Data Love: A Night With the Man Behind OkTrends

Two days before Valentine’s Day, I found myself below the streets of Brooklyn listening to a man I’d never met talk about love.

Yale college article
The Freelancer

The 10 Best Colleges for Creative Writers

While the majority of our readers are likely beyond college age, it’s still fun to wistfully remember one's bright college years. Or whatever they were.

Prism skylabs a b test article
The Content Strategist

This Technology Makes It Possible to A/B Test Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Imagine how many video cameras there are in retail stores around the world. Now imagine the usefulness of turning those cameras’ millions of hours of video—of shoppers’ in-store interactions and activity—into simple, optimizable, visual data.

Cronkiterail article
The Freelancer

The 10 Best Colleges for Journalists

So in the spirit of the best-of listicles that overwhelm our feeds at the end of the year, here are the 10 best colleges for aspiring journalists.

The Content Strategist

A Belated, Catty Analysis of Sunday's Super Bowl Ads

Or, why'd Nationwide have to make every Super Bowl party so sad?

Sportspanel mccabe 3 1024x682 article
The Content Strategist

Why Derek Jeter's New Sports Site Is Destined to Succeed

Derek Jeter, less than a week removed from the glories of Yankees pinstripes, has launched a new media platform that promises to shake up the sports and marketing worlds: The Players’ Tribune.

Round earth media article
The Freelancer

This Nonprofit Is Trying to Revolutionize International Reporting

Now that communicating across vast distances is dependent on little more than a strong Internet connection, the process for becoming a foreign correspondent is simpler than ever: become a freelancer.

Screenshot 2014 10 13 12.22.56 article
The Content Strategist

Collectively: A Doomed Experiment?

Collectively aims to transform apathy into Earth-altering action by channeling to its cause the feel-good shareability of Upworthy and the financial backing of 29 brand partners.